Scientific and Professional Conference

Computational Linguistics and Golden Formula of Croatian Language

Osijek, September 25-26, 2020.

Book of abstracts: (2021): Download [PDF, 2.5MB].

Golden formula

The golden formula of the Croatian language "ČA-KAJ-ŠTO" has been recognized as an intangible Croatian cultural asset listed on the List of intangible cultural heritage of Croatia in November 2019. Its author Dr Drago Štambuk is also known as proponent and author of the concept of preservation of knowledge and practices provided by the close connection of Croatian dialects, including their local speeches.

The name itself expresses the interconnectedness of Croatian dialects: Chakavian, Kajkavian and Stokavian, including their local speeches, which is greater than previously claimed. The purpose of this conference is to demonstrate how Formula covers all dialectical diversity, as well as the history of Croatian language with all three stylizations, starting with phonology, continuing with vocabulary and syntax (eg three-accentual system; verbs of speaking/verba dicendi; interrogative sentences). The best way to demonstrate this unifying strength of the Golden Formula is to create relevant electronic databases of Croatian dialectal and language history corpus material, as well as encouraging fast and efficient data processing. This Conference will seek to answer the question of how to achieve this.